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WD Bearing Group is certified by TS 16949 and ISO 14001. With the latest CNC manufacturing facilities and comprehensive inspection instruments, WD controls the quality of every process from raw material to finished products according to Six Sigma System and assures the high quality of every batch of bearings.

Raw Material Control

a) Select high quality steel

b) Check raw material quality

c) Physical and chemical analysis

Process Quality Control

a) Quality control plan

b) Control production process

c) CPK monitor of key process

d) In-process quality control

e) Save all process inspection records

f) Quality control of outsourcing components

g) Heat treatment check : Hardness, microstructure

Products Approval

a) OQC standard:

b) Sampling check:S-3

c) AQL main item:1.0

d) AQL Sub item:4.0

Quality Creates Value is the slogan of every WD employee. We are committed to focusing on customer experience and improving customer satisfaction.

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