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Straightening Machine

Typical product: WD XGKHB series back-up roll bearings

The straightening machines are the equipments those straighten the steel tubes, plates, bars, etc. There are a number of rollers in each machine. The rollers keep pressing, bending, extruding and finally straightening the material. These equipments are constantly exposed to extreme working conditions, and carry high non-uniform load through the continuous non-stop working period.

WD Solution:
WD engineering experts keep close contact with steel producers. We understand the customer needs of reliable products and cost saving in this highly competitive industry. Therefore, WD provides bearing solutions oriented by the actual applications, and help customer to replace the low cost-effective products. The precision of WD straightening machine bearings can be reached to P5 and P4, and we use special material and heat treatment to guarantee bearings normal performance even in tough working condition in order to improve the lifetime.

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