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Stadium Retractable Roof

Typical product: WD track rollers, e.g. WD2091-220

Retractable roof is used in many stadiums, in which the roof can readily be mechanically deployed from some retracted or open position into a closed or extended position that completely covers the field of play and spectator areas. With the retractable roof, the stadium allows both indoor and outdoor activities when the weather is favorable. The track rollers which support the retractable roof do not move fast, but carry heavy load. Meanwhile, there is strict requirement for products safety and lifetime.

WD Solution:

WD designs and supplies various track rollers for the retractable roofs all over the world. Special alloy steel is used for the bearings to ensure the high load carrying capacity and the product reliability. Moreover, it is also designed to prevent corrosion from the variable outdoor weather. By utilizing WD solution, the retractable roof can be operated under safety and reliability at the same time with cost saving.

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